Our Services

We offer support with your US Visa application process and interview. Our dedicated team of specialists is trained and aware of all last updates in government policies as well as all aspects of the application process. Hence, we are able to identify troubleshoot and correct any problems with your application and documents prior to submitting them.

We prepare your documents and make sure they are in order, reviewing them thoroughly prior to submitting them. We do offer mail, phone support to answer all your questions.

You will be notified by E-mail about your application status, and we will send all needed documents by e mail.

We offer assistance scheduling your interview appointment at your embassy, where it applies, keeping track of all your documents and preparing an individual file for you

We ll inform you in case any documents required by the US government might be missing, such as birth certificates, passports or citizenship card), dealing in your behalf with US authorities as far as we can go.

Our service and advice will increase dramatically your chances of approval, and in the unusual event your application gets denied, we will refund all our fees and assist you with filing a new application completely free of charge.

Our fees

ESTA fee : $14

Service Fee : $140

Total: $154


More than 90% of submitted US visa applications have some kind of inconsistency or error that could possibly result in a rejection. Once finished, your online us visa or ESTA application is inspected by our staff of experts before being given to the US State Department in order to curtail these common mistakes. We are devoted to providing you the best possible odds of being accepted.

Express handling of applications for urgent travels

Very high Approval Rate: our services dramatically increases your chances of approval

24/7 customer support by mail, phone or online chat

100% money-back guarantee, government fees included, in case your visa or ESTA authorization get denied

Personalized instructions. You will be assigned a migration specialist to handle your request

Error-reviewing service of all applications

E-mail notifications about your application status

User-Friendly, fast & secure process. Online, without burdens

Application Review. We´ll make a last in-depth review of your application before preparing your embassy file

Expert Assistance. Our team is here to answer all your questions and inquiries

All-in-one visa package. You will receive an individual package for your embassy interview

Free re-application. In the event your application gets denied, we will guide you and help you through a new one completely for free

Translations of application when neededAll citizens of the Esta participating countries MUST obtain an ESTA approval PRIOR TO TRAVELLING to the USA.

The Visa Waiver Scheme (ESTA) is now mandatory for all travellers to the USA who plan to enter the country by air or sea.

ESTA authorisation is an online process; you do not need to send any documents or passports to us.

Once your application has been approved you will receive an email with your unique Visa Waiver number.

The maximum amount of time you can stay in United States with ESTA approval is NINETY DAYS.

Our service is designed to ensure that you get the help you need with completing your application, so that it is a stress and hassle free experience. dhsgov-esta.us ensures that you don’t encounter any of the difficulties or unnecessary problems you may experience when applying directly with the US Government.

We have a highly trained team of Visa and Immigration specialists who will comprehensively review your application and highlight any potential errors or omissions. If any issues or potential problems with your application are found, we will contact you promptly using email, telephone and SMS Text Messaging to advise you of further action or amendments you must make to your application. Our team is available to offer you whatever help you need, so don’t hesitate to contact us at anytime.

www.dhsgov-esta.us provides clients with additional services that are not provided by the official government website. An overview of our additional services is listed in the table below. www.dhsgov-esta.us is not affiliated with any official government organisations.

Please be aware that any errors or incorrect information entered on the application form may result in delays and/ or refusal in receiving your ESTA and may result in denial of entry/admission to the United States. www.dhsgov-esta.us provides customers with a check and send service, backed up by our experienced team who have many years experience with ESTA processing and providing support for those making applications.